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 Being tired is rubbish.


  You want nothing more than to return to bed, but more often than not you have the whole day ahead of you. It’s the worst.



  However, it may not just be lack of sleep that’s getting to you - the fuel you’re putting into your body is just as important.


  A nutritional therapist recently spoke to Cosmo Australia about the dietary needs of your body, and how you can help it feel well-rested and refreshed.

  文本《Cosmo Australia》和一位营养理某师进行了对话,谈了谈人体对饮食的需求,如何通过饮食让身体得到充分休息和***新。

  After all, a diet of junk food will lead to junk energy levels.


  Jackie Lynch, a nutritional therapist, told Cosmopolitan Australia that the five types of tiredness were as follows:

  营养理某师杰克·林驰告诉《Cosmopolitan Australia》,疲惫总共分五种类型。

  Energy highs and lows - Jackie attributes this to blood sugar rising and falling during the day, which can also irritate.


  Emptiness - Jackie says this is defined by magnesium levels, which support muscle function and regulate the stress response. You may feel muscle cramps, headaches, twitches or palpitations.


  Lacking stamina - In this case, Jackie says you’re likely to be low in Iron, an essential part of haemoglobin. You’ll feel very low and it can be common among women with regular heavy periods.


  Reduced concentration - You may be lacking certain B vitamins, which help produce energy. Chronic stress or regular alcohol intake can deplete B vitamins, and you can boost them by eating more vegetables and steaming rather than boiling them.


  Wired and fatigued - You’ve maybe had too much coffee but can’t sleep. You’ll be struggling to sleep and it may block the absorption of iron, aiding fatigue. Jackie advises one shot of coffee instead of the regular two and swap out caffeinated fizzy drinks.


  So, if you stick to a healthy diet and a good amount of regular sleep most nights, you’ll probably fare a lot better during the day.




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