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Pardaphash is a web based NEWS PORTAL in English & Hindi of Mahakaal News Management Pvt. Ltd. set up with an aim to provide news in its purest form to the judicious readers.

The news published on the News Portal ranges from the ones which move the Nation to the ones which entertain an entire generation.

Based out of Delhi, the News Portal presently caters to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand as well as cover developments in India and rest of the world through its well established news network & sources.

The highly competent editorial staff of Pardaphash works meticulously to ensure that the information being delivered to the readers is complete in all respects and presents the true picture of the various events and happenings.

The sections that the News Portal carries are namely; National, World, Business, Politics, Odd, Regional, Entertainment, Education, Sports and Science & Technology; are substantial enough to contain all the daily developments in various spheres of the society.

In keeping with the view that the people know best, the site also has a section on Blogs. This is the space where the readers of Pardaphash are free to present their candid views and invaluable opinions.

Pardaphash is thus an attempt in building a better India with the indispensable co-operation of the people- our readers.