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Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集

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Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集,我们每个人都有梦想,例如周游世界参加各种节日盛典,近日 Victor Habchy 就长途跋涉的参加了位于内达华州的火人节,在内达华州的沙漠里自带衣服、食物、水、帐篷生存一周的时间,感受火人节带来的氛围。

Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集

We all have dreams. Mine was to attend the Burning Man festival. This year, I simply packed my bag and traveled the world to attend this magnificent event. I came alone, but let me tell you something: I never felt lonely for a second.

Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集2

It was tough, as I needed to carry with myself everything to survive in the desert of Nevada for a week: clothes, food, water, tent, camera… I entered the festival, in the middle of the night, exhausted and I slept for 15 hours.But then I woke up into a world that seems to be too beautiful to be true.

Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集3

Until today I wonder If I was just dreaming for a week. I have never felt as much alive, as much creative and loved.I found beauty in every person and I saw myself beautiful too. I have shared so much, and I have been covered of joy, freedom and love. People say you can’t describe what you feel during this festival.

Victor Habchy 我眼里的火人节图集4

However, what they first told me when I arrived is relevant to describe how my week as: “Welcome home”.I was in the desert, far from my house, with people I never knew before. But then again, I felt from the deepest of my heart, this place was home for me.

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